insurance coverage_sized.jpgSince 1970, we have represented policy holders wronged and abandoned by the insurance companies they relied on. Our experience also includes acting as insurance appraisers and expert consultants. Our representation may involve fighting for a higher, correct payment for the loss you have suffered or challenging an insurance company’s decision to deny your claim altogether. We will fight to get you the protection you paid for and the full amount of the insurance you deserve.

Your most valuable assets: a home, a rental property, or a business. You dutifully paid your premiums and kept insurance coverage to protect you in the worst-case scenarios. Now, you have suffered a fire, burst pipe, wind damage or other loss – your home, business, or investment property is damaged or completely destroyed. You contact your insurance company for the protection and help you have been promised. The unexpected response: a low ball, undervalued offer to settle your loss or, even worse, the insurance company denies your claim and doesn’t pay you anything.

Sometimes, everything with your insurance company seems to be proceeding in a positive way, and an “Independent Adjuster” contacts you to inspect and evaluate your loss, gather information and hear your story. Make no mistake: this “friendly” person is retained by and works for the insurance company, and their objective is most often to minimize the payout on your claim. If the insurance company sends someone out to meet you, simply ask them “Who do you work for?” The reality is that insurance companies and their Independent Adjusters are in business to further their own interests, not yours. For them, that means collecting premiums and paying as little as possible on claims that arise.

Other times, the insurance company’s hostile stance is easier to recognize. You may be asked to provide a recorded statement, produce substantial (and often times irrelevant) documentation, attend an examination under oath, or provide a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss. Or, you may simply be confronted with confusing terminology such as Actual Cash Value (ACV), Replacement Cost (RC) or Depreciation when your insurance company “explains” what they are willing to pay for the loss you have suffered.

In all of these situations and more, we are available to help you deal with your insurance company.

With our 50 years of experience, we will take your fight to the insurance company to collect everything you are entitled to receive.

Our insurance coverage services include:

  • Litigation against insurance companies, including for denial of coverage, breach of policy and bad faith claims
  • Communicating with your insurer on your behalf
  • Representation at Examination Under Oath
  • Appraisals, mediations, and other ADR procedures


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