You’re thinking about putting a plan in place so that when you encounter the unexpected, you are prepared.  Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind, like saving for college tuitions, planning for medical needs or making a charitable gift.   Or maybe you’re looking for guidance in the wake of a loved one’s passing.

estates and trusts_sized.jpgWe take an integrated approach to planning your estate in order to maximize your assets and eliminate uncertainty.   If you don’t make a plan for your estate, the law makes one for you, which is less likely to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.  Estate planning includes a wide range of considerations, such as:  instructions for your care if you become disabled; instructions for the care of your minor children; providing for loved ones who might be irresponsible with money or need protection from creditors or divorce, insurance in the case of injury or disability; life insurance to provide for your family after your death; minimization of taxes, court costs and unnecessary legal fees, and more.  Estate planning is best approached as an on-going process as your life circumstances evolve – not a one-time event.  We will work with you to review and update your estate plan as your family, finances, and the law changes over your lifetime.

Trusts are often used to meet estate and tax planning goals.  For example, a testamentary trust (established by your will), can serve a number of functions, including avoiding guardianship requirements associated with transferring property to minors or incapacitated persons, help manage your investments and minimize tax consequences.  Our attorneys are versed in all aspects of trusts, from creation and administration to funding.

We also regularly represent clients in all facets of estate administration — the process by which a deceased person’s assets are collected, maintained, and distributed among creditors, heirs and beneficiaries according to the person’s will and applicable laws.  Whatever your needs are in this area, we will help you achieve peace of mind knowing that you have planned ahead.

Our estates and trusts services include:

  • Preparation, review and revision of wills
  • Health care proxy and power of attorney
  • All aspects of both revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Trusts for medical needs, educational expenses or charitable purposes
  • Estate administration, including proving a will after the client’s passing
  • Estate tax return preparation, including fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts and the decedent’s final tax return