labor and employment.jpgRunning a successful business requires you to hire and retain smart, competent and loyal employees.  But even the best employees sometimes have problems or require counseling or discipline.  And when you make the wrong decision on hiring, that employee may create issues that wreak havoc on employee morale and productivity.

When you have a serious employee problem, you might think that “common sense” is the approach to take.  The rules and regulations in the employment arena do not always follow that path.  Or, maybe your employees are in a union and now the contract is up for renegotiation.

We regularly counsel employers on these and many other labor and employment issues.  The law changes so fast in the employment arena that it is a challenge for employers to keep up and do the right thing.

From drafting policies to providing counsel, to mediating disputes to litigating your case in the courtroom, we have extensive experience in the labor and employment arena.

Our labor and employment practice includes:

  • Negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements
  • Labor grievances
  • Administrative Proceedings before the EEOC, USDOL, NYSDHR, NYSDOL and NLRB
  • Training supervisors on various labor rules and regulations, including the prevention and investigation of discrimination and harassment claims
  • Federal and state litigation of labor and employment matters